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The FUE Hair Transplant Process at Venus

The FUE Process

How Does FUE Work?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE is a technique that replaced the FUT or Strip Harvesting technique used in the past. FUE requires no linear incision which means no linear scar, no sutures, and no painful healing. FUE is minimally invasive and has much less risks than FUT. It is the safest and most effective hair transplant technique and we are proud to be the most experienced and affordable FUE center in the state of Michigan.


Trim & Design

The procedure day starts with the trim and design. Your hair is trimmed down to just about zero. We then create a map of your scalp which the distribution of grafts will follow. Your hairline is carefully designed to look natural and proportional to your facial structure. Once you approve the look, we move on the next phase of the procedure. There are certain cases where trimming may not be necessary.



The extraction is the longest phase of the procedure, lasting anywhere from 3-5 hours in length. It begins with the administration of local anesthesia to the scalp to ensure that absolutely no pain or discomfort is felt throughout the experience. While you are laying down, the team is extracting thousands of follicles from the back of your scalp, 1 by 1. Patients very often fall asleep while the team is extracting hairs as it can be a bit tiresome to sit through. For most patients, the extraction phase is typically complete by mid day, just in time for a lunch break.



Then next phase of the procedure is Implantation which is actually a 2 step process. The first step involves using a precise tool to create thousands of openings on the surface of the scalp. The next step involves taking the collected grafts and gently placing then, 1 by 1, into these openings. The process is similar to creating a thousand holes in the ground and planting a tree in each one. Grafts are methodically inserted in order to create a natural appearance. Grafts with single and double hairs are placed in the hairline, and grafts with 3-6 hairs in them are used on the crown, to mimic the natural pattern of human hair.


Initial Recovery (3 Days)

The first 3 days after surgery are termed “initial recovery” as they are the most demanding. The day after your procedure you will return to the clinic to have your bandages removed and grafts examined. The post-op visit takes roughly 30 min. The night after your procedure and the 3 days after, you want to avoid swelling. The most important way to do this, is spend your time in a reclined position with your head back. Patients who do this, typically experience no swelling and are ready to get back to work on day 4. In general, these 3 days will require you to stay home, laying back as much as possible, and keeping your scalp from getting wet.



Full Recovery (10 Days)

After the first 3 days have passed, your implanted hairs have taken root and all swelling and inflammation has typically subsided. You are free to wash your hair with a gentle baby shampoo but should still be avoiding chlorine, hair products, and heat on the scalp. You will have scabs on your head at this time. It rarely takes longer than 10 days for the scabbing to fall away and the scalp to look clean and natural. You are free to wear a loose hat as long as it dosent come into contact with the grafts, and after the scabs have fallen, you can wear a hat mor naturally to hide any signs that you have had a hair transplant done.


Full Results (6-8 Months)

 Hair follicles, when transplanted must first develop their roots in the new location and then they begin to grow upwards. This is a slow process which can take several months. Often times, in the first month, the roots will eject the hair follicles and it will appear that the transplanted hair is falling out, but this is a natural part of the process. Your scalp will be red for roughly a month but it will not be clear that you had a procedure. After about month 4, you will typically begin to see hairs growing out every day. My month 6, most (if not all) of the hairs implanted, should have sprouted and are growing at a natural rate. 

Internationally renowned FUE hair specialist

Serdar Caglayan, MD.

Technical Director at Venus Hair Restoration

Dr. Serdar Caglayan is an internationally renowned hair transplant specialist, medical researcher, and pioneer of the FUE technique in Turkey. He has been performing hair transplants for over 26 years and has even had a hair transplant performed on himself!


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