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Hair Transplantation is not a risky procedure to undergo, despite this, every treatment and every medical procedure has instructions on what you should do and what you should avoid in the days prior to your surgery. At Venus, our goal is that you are not only satisfied with the results of your hair transplant surgery but thrilled. In order to do this, we want to provide you with all the necessary resources to feel confident and prepared for your treatment including an online guide like this.

Two weeks prior to your hair transplant surgery

You should begin preparing for your hair transplant surgery 2 weeks prior to your scheduled procedure date. By now you should have scheduled at least 3 days off work, preferably a week, so you can take it easy after the surgery.

When preparing for your surgery, do not cut your hair. The doctor would like to see your hair again on the day of surgery and trim your hair at the beginning of the procedure. 

If you are taking any blood thinners such as Plavix, Coumadin, and Heparin, please notify us, as these medications can interfere with your healing and the doctor will have to advise you accordingly. If you take beta-blockers such as Propranolol, please notify us at this time as you may have to be switched to a select beta-blocker temporarily, which will not interfere with your results.

One week prior to your hair transplant

When you are one week out from your procedure, stop consumption of any B or E vitamins. These vitamins may be present in multivitamin supplements and should be avoided as they may increase bleeding. You can resume taking your vitamins 3 days after your hair transplant is complete.

Do not take anti-inflammatory medications such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen throughout the week before your surgery. You can also resume taking your anti-inflammatory medications 3 days after your Michigan hair transplant. As for medications such as those for blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart health, you should continue to take them as prescribed even on the day of your surgery.

You should stop smoking cigarettes as soon as possible. Smoking causes a constriction of the blood vessels which will decrease the flow of blood and nutrients to the scalp. In addition, smoking increases carbon monoxide levels in the blood which lowers the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells. These effects will negatively affect wound healing after your surgery and can increase your chances of scarring from follicular unit extraction. We recommend you stop smoking at least one week prior and continue to do so for at least two weeks after. 

Three days before your hair transplant

Three days before your hair restoration procedure, you should discontinue alcohol consumption as this can negatively affect your healing. For those who routinely dye their hair to hide graying, please do not dye your hair within the three days prior to your procedure. Stress is the most damaging agent on the body and therefore, it is important that you try to minimize stress as much as possible in the days leading up to your procedure.

The big day; the morning of your treatment

The morning of your treatment is very important for ensuring a positive experience. It is important that you don’t do any chores or hard work in the morning as you want to be as relaxed as possible in preparation for your treatment.

Take a shower in the morning and gently wash your hair. Dry your hair after the shower and do not apply any hair spray, gel, or other hair styling product. You want nothing in your hair when you arrive at our hair transplant Michigan center.

Please do not wear too much cologne or perfume on the day of your surgery. Do not bring any valuables to center on the day of your surgery, including laptops or Ipads.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing on the day of your procedure. During the surgery you will remove your shirt and wear a surgical gown. Since you will wrap your head afer surgery, don’t wear a shirt that will require you to pull it tightly over your head to put it on afterwards. Tank tops are great or zipper/button clothes as they can be put on without touching the head. This will prevent any rubbing or dislodging of the bandages and grafts in your scalp after your procedure is complete.

The final and most important thing that you should do the morning of your surgery is to have a full and healthy breakfast. Consume a breakfast that is full of protein and healthy carbohydrates and fats.

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