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World Renowned FUE Specialist Serdar Caglayan, MD.

With more than 10,000 patients under his belt, Serdar is a pioneer and world-renowned expert in follicular unit extraction and surgical hair restoration.

Serdar Caglayan, MD.

Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr. Serdar is internationally recognized hair surgeon with 26 years of experience in hair transplantation. he has published over 25 scientific publications on follicular unit extraction and has dedicated both his career and his life to the science of hair transplantation.

Dr. Serdar is a Turkish physician who along with his team, has performed over 10,000 hair transplants at his clinics in Istanbul, Germany, and the Netherlands. He is famed for performing complex beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, and even eyelash transplants using FUE.

Dr. Serdar lives with his family in Farmington Hills and is a technical director at Venus Hair Restoration, where he trains American physicians, nurses, and technicians in the Turkish techniques of FUE hair transplantation. Dr. Serdar is available to meet with and educate all of our patients individually on his techniques and on the process of hair transplantation at Venus.


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